Project within the food and beverage industry

Production of food products is often connected with high levels of water consumption, and despite an increasing emphasis on both consumption as well as discharges, a great potential for optimisation continues to exist.

Project within the food and beverage industry

The majority of the wastewater from producing food products has traditionally been piped for treatment at a public water purification plant, however the increased emphasis on optimizing operations as well as rising discharge fees has led to more and more companies purifying their wastewater, either in full or in part. If the purified wastewater is able to be reused in the process, it then provides a special economic benefits, particularly when such can be reused. At Sunstone Water Group, we have specialized in solutions that accommodate this.


Positive results

A currently active project is in fact delivering particularly positive results in terms of reducing nitrogen in industrial wastewater. The project has shown that even with a total N concentration of close to 1000mg/L, degrees of purification of >99% can be attained with a unique combination of stripping and membrane technologies. In this case, the concentrate can be sold as a fertilizer product, and the purified water has a quality that makes its reuse possible elsewhere in the process. This has enabled savings on discharge as well as on purchase of production water.


Unique projects

All projects are unique, and solutions from Sunstone Water Group are adapted to individual needs using a broad selection of standardized purification modules – perfect for combining into the optimum solution. All components have been carefully selected for purposes of ensuring a high level of quality and the lowest life cycle costs on the market.

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