New opportunities

Local presence in Southeast Asia

Last year Sunstone Water Group established a Joint Venture company in China to cater for the vast market opportunities in the country. Sunstone is now embracing new opportunities in Southeast Asia and as of March first our new regional sales office will be located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

With that we also welcome on board new colleagues in Malaysia and Myanmar and a new partner in Thailand, who will support regional and local sales activities. Sune Neve, CCO and partner at Sunstone Water Group, will be heading the activities in the initial months and will relocate to Malaysia temporarily.

The region is of high importance to Sunstone Water Group due to the increasing focus on clean water projects, especially in areas where the existing infrastructure is poor or lacking. Also, the region offers a mix of some very strong economies characterised by high growth and strong purchasing power while other economies, in contrast, are much less developed and entry barriers are therefore lower.

The total population in Southeast Asia amounts to approximately 600 millions people, covering 11 countries.

“By strengthening our local presence we aim to offer better service to our customers and partners and this will also allow us to expand our current sales activities throughout the Southeast Asia region, and as a result we aim at increasing our turnover by 400% within the next 5-year period” , concludes Sune Neve.