Drinking water

Key Features

  • Suitable for all natural water sources
  • Significantly lower price per m³ water cleaned than similar solutions
  • No use of chemicals for water purification
  • Excellent Capacity-OPEX ratio
  • All inclusive service agreement
  • Attractive leasing and pay per use contracts

Clean Water Unit

Our compact mobile water treatment systems are module based and built into a single container. The CWU can be installed practically anywhere and drinking water can be produced from ANY natural source such as groundwater, lakes, rivers, brackish water or seawater and offers a capacity from 1.000 liters/hour.

Low cost-ratio

Our system is able to remove different kinds of dissolved salts, metal ions, color, smell, bacteria, viruses, and organic matter. The Clean Water Unit provides significant high volume low cost-ratio for water treatment for municipal, industrial, agricultural and governmental entities.

Minimise your expenses See the calculations