“Frequently asked questions”

It is our intention to gather the most asked questions on this page. If you don´t find your answer to your question, please feel free to contact os.

Headquarters: Denmark
Production Facility: Denmark, China, USA

The Clean Water Unit comes in a 40 foot reefer container
Lenght = 40′
Height = 9′6
Width = 8′

LLenght = 12.2 meter
Height = 2.9 meter
Width = 2.4 meter

Depends on water quality and utilization rate of the unit, but on average, 10-15 years

1.3 phase, 480 volts, 380-415VAC, 50Hz, 81amps, with an industrial Plug.

We believe that water purification should remove impurities rather than add chemicals. We do generate ozone from the air to work in some parts of the purification process and assist in keeping filters clean. In some cases we may need small doses of other cleaning chemicals to reverse fouling in the filters, but the applications should be infrequent.

The Clean Water Unit can treat ocean water, river water, water from a borehole, well, and industrial water. It can even treat water contaminated with oil, such as waste water from fracking.

Yes, a bottling machine can be added to bottle 300,000 liters per day or 4,000 - 4,500 half liter bottles per hour.

Yes, or even solar panels.

The feed water should be at least 75GPM at 30 PSI or 17 cubic meters/hour at 2 Bar.