Non-potable water

Key Features

  • Reduces internal load of reject water
  • Trouble free start and stop operation
  • Non-sensitive to fluctuations in feed water
  • Easy operation
  • Non biological concept
  • Nitrogen removal

Reject water treatment

When waste water sludge is dewatered, a highly concentrated subflow is produced, reject water, which is led back to the process tanks. Reject water is, among other things, characterized by a high concentration of nitrogen, and the internal burden imposed by the reject water comprises a significant part of the total load on the Waste Water Treatment Plant. With that in mind, it really makes sense to treat and reduce the nitrogen amount in the reject water.

Non-biological solution

Treatment systems for reject water are challenged by the dynamic characteristics and flow, which can create tough conditions for biological based concepts. Sunstone Water Group offers a non-biological solution for reject water treatment which is very robust against dynamic load and start/stop operation. Two variants are available: with or without a concentrated by-product that can be used as fertilizer.

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