Api removal / Pharmaceutical residues – New project

We are witnessing legislative changes in Sweden, Switzerland and certain areas in Germany in which removal of pharmaceutical residues from municipal wastewater is being addressed. This trend is only escalating and therefore we would like to team up with a willing municipal wastewater treatment plant in Denmark to conduct a pilot for a new concept.

Growing demands

To meet growing demands many of the existing municipal wastewater treatment systems will require upgrade or modification and energy consumption will increase significantly.

Intelligent method

We aim at demonstrating an intelligent, low cost method of removal of pharmaceutical residues (APIs). We believe that our contribution via knowledge sharing will form a unique input that will help shape the way we view and treat water.

Fully financed

The project is fully financed and administered by Sunstone Water Group and accompanied by an accredited technological service institute.


If you would like to take part in the above project and hear more please mail to: mail@dev.sunstonewater.com or dial +45 88 73 73 88.