Water purification

The technologies used for the three steps of water purification can be identical or individually designed. At Sunstone Water Group, we are meticulous about delving into the given problem and the surrounding environment before we put together a suitable water purification solution.

Pre-designed standard modules

Solutions from Sunstone Water Group are composed individually from pre-designed standard modules, which reduces costs in all phases of the project.

Water purification is an essential part of the overall process

for technical systems that consume and produce water.
In general, water purification can be divided up into three primary groups:

Nr. 1Refining of water

where water purification increases the quality of a given water source, such that the water lives up to the production requirements that might exist.

Nr. 2Reuse of water

where an internal flow of water is purified so it can be directed back to the process, this reducing the consumption of fresh water.

Nr. 3Wastewater cleaning

where a contaminated amount of wastewater is subjected to water purification, with the purpose being to remove/separate the contaminants.