Sludge Dewatering

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We carefully choose the type of polymer to your specific sludge water type – thereby avoiding excess use of polymer.

Sludge water treatment and dewatering

We offer several technologies for sludge water dewatering. The dry matter percentage varies according to the applied technology.

Belt filter may be applicable for situations where the desired dry matter is between 8-12%, thereby ”pumpable”. For higher levels of dry matter (25-30%) a screw press will be used.

Main components

  • Control panel (not shown in illutration).
  • Screw press.
  • Mixer tank.
  • Dosering pump (placed in tank).
  • Inlet pump.
Max. flow:4.25 - 5 m2/h*
Dry matter in dewatered sludge:Up to 26%*
Consumption of flocculant:0,4 - 0,6 liter/m3
Consumption of clean water for polymer:400-500 liter/h
Consumption of clean water for sprinklers:34-45 liter/h
Energy consumption:0,6 - 0,7 kW
*Variation may occur according to qualities in inlet sludge water
Height:1944 mm
Width:4320 mm
Weight:570 kg
Weight with water:670 kg
The solutions can be delivered as a stationary equipment or as a mobile unit in a trailer. Both are equipped with a control box and designed for easy maintenance.

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