Example of savings

The graph below shows the savings a company could obtain by purchase of a Clean Water Unit from Sunstone Water Group. The solution reduces water consumption as high removal rates makes a partial flow of the process water reusable. The company also attains substantial savings on special contributions for the discharge of wastewater. To calculate what your company would be able to save with decentralized water purification, simply contact us here.

Savings on purification of waste water as well as purchases of water

Total savings: 2.14 million EUR


Annual water consumption as a basis: 100.000 m3

Discharge fee per m3: EUR 3,48

Special contribution per m3: EUR 0,54

Purchase of water per m3: EUR 0,80

Reused water per year: 60.000 m3


Above mentioned calculations include the purchase of one clean water unit (CWU)