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In many countries, the trend is towards decentralized purification processes located at the actual sources, as opposed to treatment at the community-based purification plant. In part, this is because companies wish to reuse the water, and in part because they are being subjected to large fees for discharging wastewater that contains nutrients. In other words, it makes good economic sense to purify the wastewater in-house.

High capacity

Sunstone’s Clean Water Unit is a unique and innovative solution for decentralized purification of water based upon state-of-the-art membrane technology.


With a Clean Water Unit, water intensive companies have a unique possibility to clean and reuse the already heated wastewater. Recycling of process and wastewater provides savings on water consumption as well as a substantial reduction in expenses for external heating of water. These savings will by far exceed the operating cost of a Sunstone Clean Water Unit, adding value day in and day out.