STW Resources Forms Joint Venture with Sunstone Water Group

Sunstone Water Group in Joint Venture with STW Resources

Texas based STW Water Process & Technologies, LLC (STW Water) has executed an exclusive Agreement with Sunstone Water Group to commercialize their patented proprietary highly advanced wastewater treatment technology in the municipal marketplace.

The Sunstone technology can be applied to process municipal wastewater to potable drinking water. Additionally, STW Resources will make this technology available for use in disaster relief and recovery. The system can be easily transported in shipping containers for fast and efficient deployment.

Treating wastewater for potable use is the process of removing undesirable chemicals, biological contaminants, suspended solids and gases from contaminated water and returning the water to potable status. The goal is to produce water fit for human consumption. STW Water, in conjunction with Sunstone Water Group, has introduced Sunstone’s modular wastewater treatment system to the State of Texas that is focused and optimized for the processing of municipal wastewater for reuse.

Although there are several technologies on the market for this specialized type of water treatment, Sunstone has developed and patented a system that is far advanced technologically to any other systems available. Starting in April, STW, in conjunction with Sunstone, will be performing a pilot project, subject to the oversight of the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ), with one of the major cities in Texas to demonstrate and show the efficacy of the system and to also gain acceptance and approval for use commercially in municipalities.

Alan Murphy, President of STW Water, said, “The Sunstone technology is capable of processing and cleaning this contaminated water to specs that are cleaner than the bottled water that is bought in stores every day. We are wasting our precious fresh water resources every minute of every day when we could be reusing it. We have the technology to clean and process nearly every type of contaminated water for reuse now. Everyone needs to realize that it is a commodity that has to be conserved in every way possible.”